I was able to make it in the HVAC industry because I believed in myself

I couldn’t say why but it seems like my family has never had any faith in me.

I did alright in school, my grades weren’t perfect, but I graduated. I couldn’t get any help with college and I didn’t want massive student loans to pay back, so I looked into all my options. I ended up learning that I could attend an HVAC trade school for a reasonable amount, and then I could make a decent living as an HVAC professional. When I told my family about my plans on becoming an HVAC technician, everybody laughed at me. They said there was no way I could actually be a successful HVAC technician. They said there were too many HVAC professionals in the world already and I wouldn’t even be good at the work. I didn’t let this hold me back, I had faith in myself and that was all I needed. I actually did alright in the HVAC school and I was really happy when I finally got my HVAC certification. I had to go through a few different HVAC companies before I got hired, but I had a good trainer at the HVAC company I ended up working for. I swear this guy taught me more than what I learned at the HVAC school and I was thankful for his expertise and knowledge. I ended up being a pretty good HVAC technician but it took a lot of hard work and dedication. When my family saw how well I was doing as an HVAC technician, they then started asking if I could help them with their HVAC systems. I told them they could hire someone else to work on their HVAC systems because they never believed I would be any good in the HVAC industry.


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