I was afraid the wind was going to ruin my Heating and A/C system!

When the weatherman told us a powerful hurricane was heading our way, he wasn’t joking! It took a couple of days, but the hurricane arrived relatively fast; Looking out my window, I saw endless gray skies as well as tons of dark clouds, but it worried me, as well as then with the gray skies, came the loud thunder as well as pouring rain; However, the thing that worried myself and others the most, was truly the wind… The wind outside was 100 mph, it was crazy! I watched as the trees were slapped around like it was nothing.

As I stared outside, I couldn’t help but to be worried about my Heating and A/C device; Usually I wouldn’t truly care, but I had just had a new Heating and A/C component installed a week ago.

I knew that wind outside was truly pulling at my Heating and A/C machine, as well as although I knew it was installed well, I wasn’t sure how much it could take. Something else that upset myself and others was the pouring rain. The rain was adding up fast, as well as was sure to cause flooding; Flooding for sure would ruin my heating as well as A/C system unit, as well as I am just so afraid of that happening, as well as then being completely without Heating and A/C. There’s no way I could afford another new one, as well as I already knew that my warranty didn’t cover weather injure, so it’s not like I could get my Heating and A/C method replaced if it was injured. It is supposed to rain for the next 2 days, I am hoping it will slow down by then. I just hope the bad weather goes away soon.


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