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So I’ve been using portable space furnaces to keep totally cozy in my condo all throughout the cold season. They’ve been quite faithful to keep our place extremely comfortable. I’m also completely ecstatic that I made the decision to use space furnaces that emit infrared heat. Unlike furnaces or other convection heating machines, infrared heat warms surrounding objects instead of the air itself. Since I am living in hot weather conditions for most of the year, the cold weather still has plenty of humidity in it. Using a convection furnace like a gas furnace, for example, would actually make our residence way too hot! Still, these space furnaces do have a few complications that I’m not thrilled about! For instance, despite being called “space” heaters, they don’t even conserve space! These space furnaces are fairly large and bulky. Plus, they need numerous feet of open space in front of them to effectively warm the area. That might not sound like a problem for a lot of people, but the only place that’s actually ideal for the space furnace to be positioned is in the corner of every single room. Living in a condo basically means that space is hard to come by, so I have to carefully consider where to put the space furnaces if I’ve recently changed where the furniture is in my home… I still prefer the space furnaces over a regular furnace, but I will also be careful not to use them for extended periods of time. Space furnaces use a lot of power to heat your home, so you can’t run them all through the day and evening without your electric bill becoming expensive!

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