I was disappointed when our parents sold their old home

Something that I have never been a large fan of is change.

I particularly had a nice time growing up in a undoubtedly nice home that our parents owned.

There was plenty of land for us children to run around plus play. The people I was with and I had a treehouse in the back forested area. The people I was with and I also had a tire swing there plus a little playground set that was cool. Eventually, our father helped us install a little window component in the treehouse which was great in the Summer season. The people I was with and I didn’t have electricity out there, so the people I was with and I basically had to run a couple of extension cords to use the window unit, but it was lovely when the people I was with and I had it hooked up! The people I was with and I were even able to hook up a little TV in the treehouse so that the people I was with and I were able to play games, well, eventually all of us kids grew up plus moved out of the home. I consistently loved going back to visit though plus I even was able to bring our kids to the place where I grew up. Well, on the day that I l received that our parents were selling the place so they could get a smaller home, I was easily upset about that. I told them that was basically our childhood memories that they were just selling away to somebody else. I knew that it was kind of selfish for myself and others to take that stance, however I loved that house so much. They had the most lovely fireplace that I had countless memories of, plus even our kids loved hanging around the fireplace while roasting marshmallows. They also loved the treehouse in the back. Well, eventually I just had to give up plus say goodbye to that place when they finally sold the home.



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