I Was Disgusted By My Ductwork

I didn’t realize how important HVAC duct cleaning was until our Heating as well as A/C professional did it.

When I had our last Heating as well as A/C service appointment, the Heating as well as A/C professional asked myself and others when I had our HVAC duct cleaned last and I had no answer for him.

I thought she was joking, even though she was certainly not. I asked him if she thought it was necessary to have the ducts cleaned, and she told myself and others that he’d let myself and others look at them myself. I took 1 look at the inside of our HVAC ducts and almost threw up. I couldn’t know how much dust and dirt was trapped within them! The worst section was that all the air I was breathing was passing through the HVAC duct. There’s no telling how many harmful contaminants were lingering in our HVAC duct. The Heating as well as A/C professional also pointed out something I didn’t notice immediately. She showed myself and others droppings from a rodent! My HVAC duct was so dirty that there were rodents living inside. I asked the Heating as well as A/C professional how to wipe the HVAC duct and she offered myself and others more than one options. She told myself and others that I could wipe it myself with hot, soapy water or I could hire him to do it. After seeing how disgusting it was in there, it was an straight-forward decision for myself and others to make. I hired him to do it that day. It took him a few hours to do it and I obviously had to pay extra, but it was worth every penny. There was no way I was getting in that HVAC duct with the rodents.

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