I Was Disgusted By My Ductwork

I didn’t realize how crucial HVAC duct cleaning was until our Heating as well as A/C professional did it.

When I had our last Heating as well as A/C repair appointment, the Heating as well as A/C professional asked myself and others when I had our HVAC duct cleaned last as well as I had no answer for him.

I thought he was joking, however he was absolutely not. I asked him if he thought it was necessary to have the ducts cleaned, as well as he told myself and others that he’d let myself and others look at them myself. I took 1 look at the inside of our HVAC ducts as well as almost threw up. I couldn’t know how much dust as well as dirt was trapped within them! The worst section was that all the air I was breathing was passing through the HVAC duct. There’s no telling how several harmful contaminants were lingering in our HVAC duct. The Heating as well as A/C professional also pointed out something I didn’t notice right away. He showed myself and others droppings from a rodent! My HVAC duct was so dirty that there were rodents residing inside. I asked the Heating as well as A/C professional how to scrub the HVAC duct as well as he provided myself and others several options. He told myself and others that I could scrub it myself with hot, soapy water or I could hire him to do it. After seeing how disgusting it was in there, it was an easy decision for myself and others to make. I hired him to do it that day. It took him a few hours to do it as well as I blatantly had to pay extra, however it was worth every penny. There was no way I was getting in that HVAC duct with the rodents.
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