I was freezing

I volunteer at our local library, which is housed in a really old building downtown. I think it’s actually a historical building, which really helps add to the coolness factor of the library. However, it really doesn’t help with the ability to make the library conducive to heating and cooling. The old building is super drafty, and some of the windows and door are super drafty. I think eventually the town is going to raise money to put in new doors, windows, and insulation in order to help with the heating and cooling costs of the building. But at this point, they haven’t really started doing anything at all. Now, I love books, I love the library, and I love volunteering there. But one thing I hate more than just about anything is being in an uncomfortable temperature. And the draftiness of the building does not even allow the furnace to do its job! It’s freezing cold in here most of the time, and I just about always have to wear a sweater. I asked the main librarian if she was able to do anything about the heating and cooling system in there, since I was freezing this winter. The temperature in here is almost unbearable, in my opinion. She said that she wasn’t really able to do anything except to turn up the temperature on the thermostat. But as I said, that won’t really help since the building itself is so drafty. I begged her to call the HVAC company but she said that she couldn’t really do anything about the cold without the board’s approval. So I went out and bought myself a space heater.