I was heading out to chop some wood.

I’ll also tell them I want a small fireplace so I can keep warm

When winter arrives, I like to have several cords of wood ready so I can use my fireplace. I have a furnace to keep the house warm, but I prefer using the fireplace. So every fall, I head out into the woods, bring back all the dead and storm ravaged wood that I can find. I make sure I get as much wood as I can find so I can put it into the woodshed. There is a wood box on the porch, right outside the door. If a snowstorm comes up, I don’t need to walk to the backyard to get wood for the fireplace. Living alone makes it easy, so I don’t need to worry about anyone but myself, but it is hard. I would prefer some company, but my kids don’t come around. Whenever they do come to visit, it is to try to talk me into coming to live with them. They seem to think that all because my wife died, I should leave my home. This was our home for the last ten years and I feel like she is here with me. Maybe someday I will decide I don’t want to live alone any longer. I’ll let them build a spare room into their home, if it makes them feel better. I want a private bathroom and sitting room too. I’ll also tell them I want a small fireplace so I can keep warm. I can’t think of any better way to keep my joints from getting stiff and achy than standing in front of the fireplace. If they can’t accept that, I’ll just stay where I am.


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