I was in need of temporary housing

I was going to interviews for schools that were out of state.

I needed to be in the neighborhood for around six to 7 weeks, in addition to I wanted temporary housing for that time.

I didn’t want or need to sign a month-to-month lease, however after looking at a few spaces that offered temporary housing, I was sure I was going to end up going that route. The month-to-month lease I picked was for a small house. It was fully furnished, which made it a lot easier for me. I had thought I might find a suite that had yearly rates, in a motel or an extended stay suites hotel, however the home was nicer. The temporary housing I found was so nice that my fiance Ed could join me. Ed enjoyed the small home I got on a month-to-month lease, in addition to asking if we could stay there if I got the task at the school. I was thinking more about buying the home if I got the task. I didn’t suppose we wanted to live in a home with a month-to-month lease option. I was sure the month-to-month lease was something people used so they could sell the home whenever they were ready, in addition to I didn’t need to get tied up in that situation. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself, either. I hadn’t finished all my interviews in addition to wasn’t yet sure if I was going to get the task. Ed and I enjoyed the month-to-month lease we got for temporary housing, in addition to knowing that if or when I got the task, we would have some time to look for a different home.
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