I was inspired

When I was a youngster, my mother actually volunteered me for some crazy jobs.

I would do beach cleanups, deliver food for catering companies, and I even worked at a library doing boring work.

My mother figured it was healthy for me to learn these different types of jobs so that I would become a responsible person at a young age. Well, one of the most interesting jobs she volunteered me for was working at an HVAC company. They didn’t have a whole lot of work for such a young person, but they were able to find something. I would just basically clean up around the HVAC company. I got to meet all the fantastic HVAC technicians who would joke around with me and give me things. They even taught me all kinds of tricks of the trade in the heating and cooling industry. Honestly, these were some of the nicest people I had met in my whole life. I knew then that I would love to get into this line of work. It was way better than any other type of volunteer work I was involved with. I would never want to work at a library, that’s for certain! There was something really exciting about getting out there in the field and actually repairing HVAC equipment. When I heard stories about people being saved by these professionals, I was truly inspired. I would hear about people being in the winter months without any heat, and they would come to the rescue. I even heard about a home that caught on fire because of some faulty cooling equipment. I realized how important this type of work was and I ended up becoming an HVAC technician when I was older!

Air conditioning repair