I was on a mission to find a small space heater

During the winter, I figured out that my home heats up rather well.

  • The air temperature is nice and warm.

But there was one room that seems to be chilly. There was no heat coming from the vents. This was the bathroom, which made me dread taking showers in the Winter. When I would get out of the shower, I’d feel so cold. Then I came up with an idea. Why not place a small space heater in the bathroom? The only time I’d use it was when I took a shower. I went to a local hardware store and they only had wall-mounted heaters and electric fireplace heaters. I don’t want to install a heater. I simply wanted a small, portable space heater. I truly didn’t need a large fireplace or furnace. That was too big of a project or investment for a tiny bathroom. I drove nearly an hour to check larger stores for a small space heater. First I started at a popular retail chain. They only had large space heaters, made for bigger spaces such as a bedroom or living room. My search took me to a hardware store where they finally sold small space heaters! There were a lot of options, and I didn’t know which one would work best. They offered radiant and convection type space heaters. Once I chose a radiant space heater, I checked the various prices. I was only using it in the bathroom during the Winter. I did not want to invest a ton of money into it. I settled on a named brand space heater. It was small enough to fit perfectly in the bathroom, yet powerful enough to provide sufficient heat for when I get out the shower.


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