I was paranoid about the virus, so I upgraded the air purification system in our home

I have to admit, as soon as this pandemic hit us, I have been starting to worry a lot more about the safety of my family.

  • My wife and I were actually pregnant with our second child before this whole thing started.

Going through the lockdown was a real wakeup call. Now, we already had an air purification system in our home, but I didn’t think it was good enough. I started looking into better air purification systems that would provide improved protection from the virus that has been going around. I was really happy when I discovered UV air purification systems. When I learned that the UV light works to kill viruses and bacteria, that’s when I decided to call up the local HVAC company. I was glad that they had UV air purification systems in stock and they were able to come out the next day to install the new air purification system for me. They were even able to take away the old one for me and they gave me credit for taking that off my hands. I was just thankful that we had an improved air purification system that would actually work to keep all of us safe from the deadly virus that we were seeing everyday on the news. To be honest, I don’t even like watching the news anymore because they are always talking about the worst things and it’s almost like they are trying to scare everybody. I was so happy when we finally had our baby and he was perfect, and I knew that we were going to make sure he was safe no matter what. I came to find that everything wasn’t as terrible when I wasn’t watching TV all the time, I have been just enjoying spending time with my family.
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