I was starting to remember

When my best friend from elementary showed up at my front door just the other day as a Heating plus A/C machine service professional, I was totally speechless.

I easily met my former best friend a long time ago when we were young kids plus the two of us were essentially attached at the hip for a long while… Then my good buddy came to tell me the one day about some news that easily broke my 8 year-old heart.

She basically let me know that her father had gotten a brand new job in another state, so they needed to completely move across the entire country. This was before there were smartphones all over the place, so I thought at the time that I would never be able to speak to my best buddy again after that. Years later I am residing in the same place plus had pretty much forgotten about my long lost pal from a long while back. Out of nowhere a few days ago my heating plus Cooling machine decided to break down on me. I abruptly setup a meeting with a Heating plus A/C machine supplier to send out a certified service specialist to get the cooling machine up plus running once again. They were able to send a service professional out to my residence in no time, plus when I heard a knock at the door plus opened it, I was in total shock. It was my best buddy from way back when! She was much older plus a tad bit taller, however there was no mistaking it. She told me that she had been living in this particular area for a long period of time, plus she had followed her dad’s career path as a certified Heating plus A/C machine worker. It’s absolutely nuts how life can sometimes bring friends back together again, plus it’s also nice to see where your aged friends end up in life.



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