I was stolen from by an Heating as well as A/C specialist

I had to have my gas furnace diagnosed last week, and man, that was an ordeal! I was so gleeful to finally get my gas furnace diagnosed last week, although I did not expect to get stolen from, and my husband and I have lived in the same neighborhood for over thirty years, and the two of us have gotten to suppose almost most people here.

It is a small neighborhood of about a thoUSAnd people, and the two of us easily assume care about the two of us have a family here, however because our neighborhood is so small and most people knows most people, the Heating as well as A/C company here is run by friends and family.

My husband and I have used the same company for years and years! All of us had regularly been gratified with them until this last time. All of us had many specialists over at our house Last month servicing our gas furnace, and one of them stole almost five hundred dollars worth of jewelry from my office downstairs, but neither of the Heating as well as A/C specialists would admit to fault, so they were both fired, then the company gave us money for what was lost, and they were easily apologetic. All of us did not sue them or anything care about that. My husband knows the owner of the Heating as well as A/C corporation, and he knows that he is a nice guy who will do right to his clients. All of us are ecstatic that those many specialists were fired, and the two of us hope nothing care about this will happen again. All of us easily care about that Heating as well as A/C corporation; they do enjoyable work, and they have regularly treated us well, and even this time when the two of us were stolen from, they made sure to make things right and even gave free services the next time that the two of us need them.


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