I was surprised at how cold it was in our ceramics class

Whenever all of us made the decision to go to our ceramics class last week, it was chilly cold! The art school where all of us go for ceramics is usually nice plus toasty sizzling during the Winter months, but Last month there was an issue with the heating system, we didn’t recognize what the problem was, plus neither did the professor.

We were all resting around at our potters’ wheels with our teeth chattering! Of course, all of us were all complaining to the professor about it, although she told us that the Administration had told him that there was nothing that they could do about the heating system that afternoon, they had thought about canceling classes, but they did not have any make-up mornings that they could use, so they went ahead plus had class anyway.

Our exhausting professor brought in a tiny little electric section heating system plus set it up in the middle of the room, but it did not easily help all that much. We were huddled around it as if it was a campfire or something, plus it was all pretty comical. Our class was about more than one minutes long that afternoon, plus by the end of the class, the temperature in the room had fallen so much that I swear all of us could see our breath in front of our faces. The administration made an announcement that afternoon that they had their commercial heating plus cooling business on the way, plus that the next month they promised that the heating would be up plus running again to care about normal, but I hope that is true, because I can’t rest through another chilly chilly class again!


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