I was trying to make it better

I had a big birthday party at my house for this one teenager at my church. The only thing that made it not right was that my furnace had been on the blink; Of course on the afternoon of the birthday celebration, the weather took a turn for the worse in every single way when the temperature started dropping. And then when the weather started cooling off, it started snowing hard! Well, of course, I turned the temperature on the temperature control thermostat on my wall up since it was getting really freezing out in addition to I didn’t want all these little kids in our otherwise nice home to be cold… But the temperature control on the thermostat on the wall just didn’t seem to want to cooperate with me in any way. The oil furnace wouldn’t kick on, no matter what I did or tired, however well, the kids were pretty cold, even though they were running around having a great time all together. I guess it’s because most of them had on party dresses. But I dug out the little electric space heaters I had from the basement and got them set up next to the tables that I had with the cups in addition to the saucers in addition to the teapots for the tea they were drinking. After that, I turned on the gas fireplaces in the living room area. Between the electric space heaters I had in addition to the lovely gas fireplace, the happy home of mine started to warm up and be sizzling nice pretty quickly. I guess tomorrow I’ll be calling the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning dealer to come out in addition to take a look at our broken down furnace, though and hope they can fix it cheaply.

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