I wasn’t able to get a response from my wife about getting an HVAC upgrade

When I told my wife about a new style of ductless HVAC that I wanted, I thought she would give me an answer.

I asked her if she would like to get this type of HVAC system but she never even responded.

She does that to me sometimes and I really don’t like that. I asked a couple of times later and she still gave me no answer. I was just left there unsure of whether we should go for this new HVAC installation or not. I mean, I knew that it looked great with extreme energy efficiency and HVAC zone control. I thought it would be wonderful and we would save so much money on the energy bills with the customized temperature control settings in each room of the house. Even though my wife never gave me an answer, I finally decided to just go for it. Later on when she was telling me how much she loved the new ductless mini split that I had installed, I asked her why she never let me know if she would like the HVAC upgrade or not. She shrugged and said she just doesn’t know much about HVAC systems and what makes them good or not, so she didn’t know what to say. I could accept that because if I didn’t know anything about HVAC systems, I might not say much about it either. I guess it’s embarrassing for her that she doesn’t really understand it all very much. That would explain why there are many situations when she just won’t say anything, probably because she doesn’t want to feel embarrassed about whatever it is.


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