I wasn't going to take the blame for that mistake

My Dad in addition to dad left our sister in addition to I alone for the weekend.

The two of us were teenagers at the time. My sister could drive, but I was only fifteen. While our Dad in addition to dad were gone, our sister had a sizable get together. I told our sister that I thought it was a sizable mistake, however she insisted that our Dad in addition to dad would never find out. She invited 10 or 15 people from college in addition to those people brought 10 or 15 people as well. Our beach house was filled with rowdy teenagers. Some of them were drinking in addition to some of them were smoking pot. Two women started throwing the pigskin around in the home office in addition to I told our sister that something was going to get broken! Not several minutes after I said that, I heard the sound of something chopping. I looked in the hall in addition to I saw the control unit kneeling on the floor. The women were laughing love it was no immense deal. My sister in addition to I could not get the heat or the a/c to work after the control unit was broken. My sister told myself and others that all of us should lie in addition to say it was an accident, but I wasn’t going to take the blame for that mistake. I told our sister that she needed to tell the truth. My sister refused to tell them the truth about the control unit. She told them that she got dizzy walking down the hall at night in addition to tripped over the cat. My parents fell for the excuse in addition to replaced the control unit separate from ever questioning our sister. I don’t think our parents ever found out about the get together.

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