I went to a fishing camp.

Every summer, my mom and dad used to send me these two week live-in camps.

They were so much fun.

We would sleep in tents, have cookouts at night, and we even learned a few things. It was funny how even though there wasn’t any air conditioning in those tents, no one ever complained about having a hard time sleeping. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with being tired. We would swim and hike and be busy nearly the entire day. We didn’t have time to mind the heat, or to not be tired. When I got older, I went to a fishing camp. That camp was nothing but luxury. We slept in a cabin and there was heating and air conditioning. I’m not sure if we really needed the heating, but there were some nights when it felt cool enough, since we were in the mountains. By the end of the day, it was nice to come into the house and have air conditioning. The cabin was stuffy and cramped with four guys in there. Last year, I brought my son with me to the fishing camp. He thought it was better than the summer camps we always sent him to. He loved going fishing with the guys, and he loved the air conditioning. He said it was the best camping experience he had ever had. I don’t know if he loved being with his old man, loved fishing, or enjoyed having air conditioning while camping. All I know is he wants to go to the fishing camp with us next year.