I will be able to buy my next heater using Litecoin

I have just 68 coins now, but I know if I hold them for the next few years they will be worth a great chunk of change.

I know that they will hit $1000 or more per coin over the next couple of years or so.

I am planning on sitting on the coins until they reach $1500 a coin and then I will sell them all and cash in. Then I would be back even from all of our losses and happy again about my investment program over the past few years, however I want to buy an electric heating program for my flat in a couple of years because by that time our Heating and Air Conditioning program will be getting up there in years. I was actually concerned after losing almost all of my original $100K investment, however there is a glimmer of hope and I am going to hold onto what I have with all our might. My Heating and Air Conditioning pro buddy told me that what I have a ton of money if I can sit on these coins for another few years, which would be wonderful because I would like to buy some new radiant space heaters, another black cat, and maybe some radiant floors for the paws of the black cat. My floors get cold in the winter as I am on the first floor of the building and the ground outside gets below freezing for weeks on end. I run my central heating component however the floors remain cold, which is telling me that I need to splurge and get the radiant heated floors soon.
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