I wish I could afford to buy radiant heated flooring for my wife’s birthday

My wife is one of those people who almost always has cold feet.

She freezes my legs with her cold feet every single night and to be honest, I’m pretty sick of it.

I mean, imagine have something ice cold poured all over you when you’re warm and cozy in your bed. That’s what it’s like when my wife has been walking around getting ready for bed and the heating isn’t running. If she stands right in front of an air vent or heating vent as she’s getting ready for bed, it’s a little bit better since her feet aren’t quite as cold. But when the thermostat is turned down and we’re headed to bed for the night, her feet start getting super cold. And I think it’s even worse in the summertime when we have the air conditioning turned on. I guess it’s because the A/C vents blow out on her feet too. That’s why I really wish that I had enough money to buy radiant heated flooring for our house. I was thinking about how great it would be to have floors with heating built in and so I called our local HVAC company to get more information about them. It turns out that radiant heated flooring is fairly easy to install, but the issue is having the right kind of flooring installed on top of the heating system. You can’t use radiant heated flooring with just any kind of floor. And as much as I would love to have this kind of heating system, I simply don’t have money to redo all of our existing flooring right now.