I wish our buddy would do something unbelievable with his life for a change

It really bothers myself and others the way a buddy of mine lives.

I used to suppose that he would really be successful in life because he was really smart back in school.

He turned out to become really lazy and didn’t want to go to school. He just works a lame waiter task and barely makes enough currency to pay for his bills. He lives in this run down house and he doesn’t even keep up with his HVAC plan maintenance love increasing the air filters for his HVAC. I always tell him that he should at least change the air filters. He claims he changes the air filters enough, however he uses these really cheap air filters that don’t do anything for the air quality. I easily can’t kneel being in his house at all because it’s filthy, the air quality is poor, and it’s really just hard to breathe in there, then not to mention it aromas love rotten food and there are all kinds of mixed aromas that are unpleasant. It really makes myself and others wonder what happened to our friend, because he’s smart. He was a complete whiz back in school and people even made fun of him and would call him an egg head. I guess he let those people get to him because now he has wasted his intelligence on being a lazy guy who doesn’t make something out of his life. I have told him that he should get a better task and make something out of his life instead of just residing such a trash lifestyle. That really offended him. I’m glad, because maybe it will help him wake up so he can choose to do something better with his life.

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