I wish the hotel I stayed at had working air conditioning

I had to go out of town last weekend as well as the hotel that I had to stay at was plain awful.

The temperature outside was truly boiling as well as I was looking forward to getting into a nice hotel room as well as turning the air conditioner device on full blast. That’s the most pressing thing to me about hotels when I am choosing where to stay when I’m away from my household! I don’t care much about the thread count of the sheets or the water pressure or the supper buffet or anything like that. No, the only thing that I unquestionably appreciate is having a fantastic air conditioner device in my hotel room… Well, when I booked the overnight stay at the hotel near the locale where I was working, the reviews all said that the locale had fantastic heating as well as cooling. They even said that the bathrooms had radiant heated flooring in them. I could care less about radiant heating flooring, but the air conditioner device was another story! Even though the reviews had said that the air conditioner device would be fantastic in my room, it truly wasn’t. The air conditioner device in my room wasn’t running in the least when I got to my room. It was absolutely boiling as well as stuffy in there. I messed around with the thermostat for a few minutes but it didn’t make any difference at all. It turns out that the entire HVAC device in the hotel room was broken. Worse than that, they didn’t have another empty room that they could transfer me to!

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