I work at a grocery store

I work the client repair desk at a local grocery store in our town, however i had been in client repair for a nice few years before getting this work, however most of our experience was at grocery stores, neither the previous grocery store I worked in, nor this 1 had particularly nice weather conditions control! The complication with the new store that I work at is the desk is too close to the front automatic doors. The store is a particularly busy 1 all throughout our shift, so you can bet that those doors are always opening plus closing. This means that whatever the season, the weather conditions control is not going to chop it. In the winter, too much heat escapes through those always opening plus closing doors, so me plus the other employee that works with me during our shift never get the full benefit of the heating system. Thankfully, the contractor overcoats that the people I was with and I are given are well insulated, however anytime I have to walk to any other area of the store, it is hot enough to where I do not need the overcoat! The complication is just the opposite in the summer. The rare air conditioning escapes through the opening plus closing doors during the tepid day, robbing us of the comfort of its coolness. It’s silly to me that I sporadically even end up cutting into a sweat. I wonder how many dollars escape through those doors in terms of cooling plus energy efficiency? I do not mind interacting with people at the client repair desk, however it is getting to the point where I kind of want to work anywhere else in the store where I can really take advantage of the weather conditions control!

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