I work in a grocery store and we just got an HVAC replacement overnight

I have worked in retail for most of my life, starting out with a stint at a chain bookstore that no longer exists in today’s world full of online shopping opportunities.

I liked the bookstore environment, but we had a lot of unruly customers during major book releases if they couldn’t get a copy like everyone else.

With those coveted book releases like new Harry Potter hardcovers, it was first-come, first-serve and many people would camp out overnight just to get their copies. I will never forget those release nights, with some fond nostalgia mixed with horrifying images of 20-somethings tripping over each other like children in a candy store. I also spent those nights working alongside some of my closest friends in high school. But I’m happier working at this grocery store, which has employed me since I was 21 years old. I’m one of the junior supervisors and I enjoy my job everyday as I get to work in the second-story office with large windows that overlook the parking lot. There’s a lake behind the street that is adjacent to the back edge of the store’s large parking area. For a grocery store job, the view is phenomenal. Last night I had to work late because the store was getting a new HVAC system installed. The ductwork was cleaned by the ductwork cleaning crew right before the new air conditioner and heating system was installed. It took the better part of six hours to complete, but now the grocery store has a phenomenal heating and cooling system. The best part is we didn’t have to close the store to get the work completed, so we didn’t lose any business in the process.