I worked at a holiday craft but the furnace was broken

Last weekend, I ran a booth at a holiday craft fair, then every one of us had a ton of traffic & it was pretty busy most of the weekend.

I actually ended up making quite a bit of cash selling our stuff, & so I was glad about that.

However, the furnace in the building that they craft un-biased was being held was broken. Of course, since the furnace was on the bconnect, it ended up being a record low temperature outside on those 2 afternoons. Just when you thought it was going to start heating up, it started getting colder & colder. Anyway, the furnace at the craft un-biased arena was on the bconnect & it started cooling off in the building just a few hours after both of us arrived & set up. There was no sizzling air blowing through the heating vents at all & I guess the buyers would have stayed longer & bought more merchandise if the heating had been working. As it was, they all looked care about they were actually cold & in a big hurry to get out of there & back to their cars. I guess they really just wanted to get back home to sizzling up by the fireplace or to their cars so that they could turn the temperature controls up on full blast & kneel by the heating vents. I was really glad that our husband had the foresight to put our little portable electric furnace in our vehicle that afternoon. I blocked it in & I guess that our space furnace actually drew more buyers to our booth than would have been there otherwise.


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