I would love to live in the South, where I wouldn’t need a furnace

I grew up in the North my entire childhood, and I didn’t like it very much.

  • Sure, the fall is a lot more beautiful in the North, and the snow looks pretty, but it is entirely too uncomfortable in the North.

The summer was always pretty warm and muggy. Sure, it wasn’t as warm as the South, but we had humidity to rival the South. We had to use an air conditioner all summer just to stay comfortable. Then, as soon as the summer ended and we put away our air conditioners, we would almost immediately have to turn on our furnaces to stay warm. The winter was always my least favorite season in the North. When I went to the South to attend college, I immediately fell in love. I was in a desert region, which meant that the summers were dry and hot. In your home, you would use an air conditioner to stay warm, but if you walked outside, it didn’t feel like you were going to die. The temperatures were very warm, but the dry air made you feel like you could handle the heat. During the winter, the temperatures would drop, but they would drop to a comfortable spring temperature. For the entire winter, you could live in your house comfortable without any kind of HVAC unit at all, including the furnace. If it ever did get a little cold, you could easily survive with a small space heater. That is when I learned that I loved living in the South. Who wants a furnace anyways?

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