I’d love a heat pump

I have been thinking about installing a heat pump system! For a long time, I have depended on forced air heating and cooling.

  • The system is not all that efficient.

My Heating and as A/C starts up and provides 100% power. Once it achieves the temperature setting on the thermostat, it would shuts totally down. The frequent cycling on and off is aggravating to listen and costs a lot in energy bills. I also do not like choosing between heating or cooling, then hoping the weather stays consistent. The HVAC also gets dirty very quickly. A heat pump would be very different. A heat pump system combines heating and air conditioner into a single system. It is super efficient because it moves heat energy from either inside or outside. It is far superior for comfort and energy bills to do this. Also, since there is no combustion process, the system is safe and the air quality is better There’s less dust, dirt or hair blowing around the house. The same old air is not being recycled. Outdoor air is constantly entering into the home. The drawback is that a heat pump is very costly to install. There is an indoor unit and an outdoor unit to install. A ground source heat pump can range between $5000-7200. It is quite a large number to consider for just temperature control. In the end, with the savings on utility bills, it might be worth installing a heat pump in my home. It has all the benefits that I want.