I’d rather sit in the cool car than walk

You know, I’ve made a ton of big adjustments over the past year, as well as I’m fairly proud of myself for being so brave.

  • It hasn’t been simple by any means, but I know that I’ve made great strides in my personal evolution as times are different.

First of all, I moved to a completely new town, but secondly, I began a brand new job in a completely new industry. Lastly, I’ve recently conquered my greatest tormentor of all, which is traffic. You see, in this new city there is no way to sidestep the continual stop as well as go motion when a few million humans are trying to utilize the same roadways during defined periods of the afternoon. Traffic has been one of my greatest fears as well as enemies, until I recently noticed how superior it was to the alternative. Sure, it can be super annoying to be stuck in a car, but it is far worse to have to walk the whole way home in the overwhelming heat as well as humidity! When I’m stuck in traffic as well as see all the terrible folks dripping in sweat in the pounding sunshine as well as unending humidity, I suddenly feel grateful for my car. I’ve realized that as long as I can chill in the AC, I can literally cool myself down as much as needed until I get home. It does have working AC, which means I’m capable of making the inside air temperature as chilly as well as dry as I can imagine. I might be stuck in traffic, seeing my life slip away, but at least I’m not basking in the hot sun on the street!

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