If I could find an Artisan loft for rent, I’d be with people who understand me.

Ever since I was a child, I have been fiddling around with drawing.

It wasn’t the normal ‌drawings that young children make, such as stick figures of their parents or dogs.

I would create entire scenes of people in action. When I was only four, I drew a near perfect depiction of my father working at his desk, which had my parents oohing and ahing for months. They thought I was the next Vincent van Gogh. I’m not sure if I wanted to be a Vincent van Gogh, but I didn’t know that I wanted to draw and paint when I got older. After graduating from college, I heard about artisan lofts for rent. I was rather curious what the difference was between an artisan loft and a regular loft apartment. I soon found out that an artisan loft was a loft that was meant for people with special skills. I found one entire building that had cheaper rents than normal, and an artist rented every loft room. At that point, I couldn’t see myself living anywhere but in an artisan loft. When one loft came up for rent, I knew that was going to be where I was going to live. The loft gave me the ability to paint, live and share with other artist. Within the first year of living in the artisan loft rental, a young man came to visit one of my neighbors, and his father owned an art studio. When I saw an artisan loft for rent, I never thought I would have my ‌ showing within a year.
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