If the air ducts aren’t ruined in the old house, we’re golden

I never thought that I would be in the position where I needed to make big decisions for my family estates. A few weeks ago we had an unexpected loss which suddenly made my siblings and I the legal heirs of several properties. You need to know, my siblings and I are not capable of working together under stressful times like this. No one has ever handled property sales or estate legalities. And therefore, we are stumbling around in the dark. One of the things that we immediately went to investigate was the condition of our old family house. We figured we could flip the property and make a bit of money as long as a few things were still in working order. Namely, we needed to see what was going on with the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. I am no stranger to the costs of installing a brand new heating, cooling, and ventilation system. In the past few years I have had to purchase a brand new forced air furnace and air conditioning unit when the air temperature devices broke down in my own home. I know that the professional heating and cooling worker fees are considerable and high-quality energy efficient HVAC equipment is even more costly. That’s why we were very nervous to see if the HVAC units were still working. Even more importantly, we needed to know if the central heating and cooling ductwork that delivered high-quality treated air through every space was still viable or not. Thank God, we found that the duct work was in good condition and only an air conditioning replacement would be necessary. At least it looks like we’ll be able to make a little cash from this stressful ordeal.

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