I’ll never forget my friend Chris, and the Summer we spent building an air conditioning unit

The responsibilities and challenges that come with adulthood can legitimately get me down occasionally, then when my partner and I had our hour child, I took a long look at my life.

  • I was delighted with the progress we had made, and even happier to welcome another healthy baby into our family! Still, my mind strolled later on to easier, simpler times.

I still remember when I was seventeen years old, and my friend and I spent the Summer building a custom air conditioning system. My friend Chris was a real tech wizard! I was always pretty intuitive when it came to technology, however he legitimately knew his stuff – especially when it came to heating and A/C, then the air quality in his cabin was always the best, as he constantly performed tune-ups for his parents at their home. Anyhow, we spent an entire Summer working on this portable air conditioning unit, just so we could use it in a shed on his parents’ property. In that shed, Chris and I got to labor on countless fun calculus experiments, all with excellent air conditioning and air quality that rivaled my own at my house! If we weren’t tinkering with a project, we were playing video games and being as loud as we wanted to be. Those were great afternoons – especially since my only bills back then were for my gas tank, and my phone. It’s strenuous to know how much things can change in many years! Still, I’m delighted I have the experience in my head – especially since I also l gained how to tune up a heating and A/C system!
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