I’m a bit confused

I have been hearing about all kinds of personal trainers for years.

However I do not understand the differences in some of the choices you have in personal trainers.

For instance, there is something called semi-private personal trainers and regular personal trainers. What on earth does semi-private mean? I have tried to look up information on this throughout the internet and I can not get a straight answer on the difference between semi-private personal trainers and regular personal trainers. I’m going to take a wild guess that a semi-private personal trainer is someone who does personal training in a health and fitness center or gym on a 1 to 1 basis while sometimes including another person in the training class. That would be the only thing that would have made sense to me. I really do not need any kind of personal trainer or have the interest in a personal trainer. It’s actually my wife that does, so I am trying to find out more information about it for her. I am hitting nothing but brick walls because of this confusion on what a semi-private personal trainer is. But whatever the case, I am just going to call both the local health and fitness center as well as the local gym to inquire about these personal trainers and also to inquire about membership costs for my wife. She has been on me a while about this and I just want her to get off my back. I love my wife and want to help her with a personal trainer, but this is just ridiculous.


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