I’m always grateful for the heat pump when summer rolls around

It’s so nice to live in a region where we don’t have to worry about the upcoming winter.

It’s November and my winter preparation extends only to having the HVAC technician come out to do the heating maintenance on the heat pump.

Other than that, there’s not much else to do except wash the hoodies I have to wear during the winter. That’s not too tough. Down here, we tend to get a few cold snaps that require the heat pump to kick on now and again during the winter months. But really, when it comes to HVAC, the issue is air conditioning. Where we are, we get plenty of heat and humidity. For some people that means nearly eight months of air conditioning. However, for we there are four months during the summer where the heat and humidity are at their most intense. And that’s when the heat pump tends to be running night and day in my house. Thankfully, I can count on my heat pump due to HVAC maintenance and it’s good quality residential HVAC. Not only does it do a great job of keeping his cool during the peak heat of summer, it balances the humidity in our house as well. Because of the heat pump, I don’t get too worried when summer rolls around. But I sure am awfully grateful to have the heat pump and HVAC technology for the cooling comfort we need during the summer. I can’t even imagine trying to deal with this sort of summer without HVAC cooling. And thanks to my trusty heat pump, I’ll never have to.

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