I’m angry about the portable air conditioner

Things don’t usually go right for me.

I consistently suppose I am heading in the right direction as well as boom, something equally or worse happens to me.

I don’t let anyone know about the struggles I have because I do my best to make sure that I transport forward as well as try to be better. I bought a new car, as well as not 1 but 2 tires are right away flat. I bought a brand new TV, as well as a week later the screen stopped toiling. I want to have some luck but it’s hard dealing with the things I deal with; But I still push on as well as I am hopeful that the next thing I do is a completely positive experience with no drawback affixment to it, but recently, I bought a used portable air conditioner from an online marketplace. I have bought things from the marketplace a few times as well as it hasn’t ever been good even though I cannot afford to buy anything brand new. I bought this because the central air conditioning in my loft stopped toiling as well as I cannot afford to have an Heating as well as A/C tech come as well as see if they could service it. I just don’t have that kind of money! The portable air conditioner was perfect for about a week as well as then again, poor luck struck as well as it was leaking water all over the ground. I was so frustrated as well as after that I cried because this is my life. I could not handle it any longer as well as had to tell someone. They told me to check the drain cap because it might be loose as well as if I tighten it, then the water will stop leaking, and so did just that as well as everything changed! No more leaks! Maybe this is a step to great luck.

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