I’m completely thrilled to be home

Home is the place where my friends in addition to myself like to be.

  • It’s our favorite place, because of a lot of different reasons.

First of all, it’s ours. Second of all, it’s a great place with indoor climate conditions that are second to none. My friends in addition to myself work at a diner in the evening, and the place still allows indoor smoking. At the end of the night, both of us stink to high heaven from all of the cigarettes. The people in addition to several of my co-workers have talked about a ventilation system for the back of the house, but our boss doesn’t want to spend any of that money. It seems like a common solution to a pretty big problem, especially considering there are several other people complaining about the issue. Now. But there has been some other folks in there making those same decisions, it seems more than likely that the folks will change the whole to turn on the subject. My friends in addition to some others have to deal with these conditions as they are. For now, the best thing we can do is make sense of our stuff at home. There was a heat pump in addition to new air conditioner installed in our condo last month. A friend of mine also purchased a portable air purifier that is supposed to help in more than one way. The indoor air quality in our own condo is much better than anywhere at work.