I’m feeling rattled

Nothing matches the miserable feeling that you recieve when you find out that you’ve waited too long to pay a particular bill… Some companies have the courtesy to send a warning to you about how services will soon be taken away off, but several different companies won’t even bother to provide you a tolerable warning! More than once, I’ve had my phone abruptly cut off from service during work, and the same goes with my internet and electricity.

When the power goes out, you’re really in trouble! As if it’s not bad enough that the power is out, the sadness starts to set in when you realize that no power means no air conditioner, that’s the worst area of all! I can’t rest being in a house with no heating, air conditioner, or even the power keep myself cool with a fan.

The air quality inside the house falls apart within an hour when there’s no power, as well as I just pray that I was anywhere else in the world when it happens. Thankfully, I’ve been much more on the ball about getting my power bill as well as other bills paid on time. That’s mostly due to me getting a smart control component for my home’s Heating as well as A/C system, as the smart control component helps to prevent the unit from running on high for too long or use too much energy! In turn, the utility bills have begun to decrease, thus making them far more affordable to keep up with! If only I was clever enough to find a cheaper iPhone as well as internet plan, I wouldn’t have to worry about those various utilities being cut off, as well.

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