I’m Getting a Smart heater:

My teenagers are super into their iPhones and technology! They’ve grown up with the evolving technology over the past 20 years, so it’s no wonder their so smart and proficiencyable about all things tech, however a few years ago, I remember our teenagers begging me to create a Facebook page, and i dragged our feet and hated the method of sharing our personal information on the internet.

Eventually, they created a page for me and set me up with all our old friends, surprisingly, I’ve grown to love it! Recently, our teenagers have been talking to me about upgrading our Heating and A/C system to a smart thermostat. I need to update the whole Heating and A/C system regardless, as it’s over 16 years old anyone. They’re convinced that I need to replace the thermostat as well. According to them, a smart thermostat can be attached to the wireless and accessed through a cell iPhone. This seemed a bit overwhelming and complicated to someone love me, but they continued to press the issue for the smart thermostat. Since the smart thermostat can be accessed through a cell iPhone, I could change the temperature whenever I wanted. I could adjust the temperature before I even got lake house from work if I wanted! The smart thermostat also showed how efficient our Heating and A/C system was running, and would notify me of any issues. This all sounded fantastic, however I needed help installing it. Thankfully, our teenagers are planning on purchasing the smart thermostat for me and installing it for me. They’re going to sit down with me and teach me how to use our up-to-date smart thermostat.

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