I’m glad we went to check out the new HVAC contractor in town

When there was a new HVAC contractor in town, my wife said we had to go to this place.

The building was absolutely huge and the whole space was occupied by this one contractor.

They were a huge HVAC supplier providing all sorts of things like, window AC units, gas fireplaces, central HVAC systems, all sorts of cooling systems, and more! When we were walking through this place, I felt like I was in a trance. I just couldn’t believe all the heat and AC products that were surrounding me. I felt like I could use all of these things but there was no way I could afford everything. When an HVAC expert came to help us out, I told him I didn’t know the first thing to ask about what we needed. He said he could help us with all our HVAC needs including heating and cooling system repairs, replacements, and they could get us hooked up with the most modern HVAC installs. He told us about some of his preferred HVAC systems like radiant heated floors and geothermal HVAC systems. He said the ductless options were fantastic as well. Eventually, we agreed to have a consultation at our home to see what would work best for us. The good thing is that the consultation was free and the HVAC expert was very helpful in finding us exactly what we needed. We wanted some sort of HVAC system that provided excellent air purification and was energy efficient. We ended up getting a ductless multi-split system installed. This system has built-in air purification and we also have zoned comfort now with customized temperature control settings in each zone.


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