I’m going to set up a cleaning service

About ten years ago, my little brother began his own cleaning service company.  I’m not sure he knew how successful his business was going to be when he first started it.  He is just a little more than thirty years old and he is already a success where it comes to his business.  When he began the cleaning service company, he did only carpeting and apartment cleaning for local apartment buildings and apartment owners.  He would go in and prepare the apartments for new tenants. The entire apartment would receive scrubbing, walls and carpeting cleaned, and the floors scrubbed.  As word got out about how well he did in his job, he began picking up more contracts. With every contract, he had to hire another person. Within the first five years, he had grown from himself and a friend and one apartment building, to five employees and a contract with a pair of business owners.  He has added hardwood refinishing and most recently painting and repairs to his repertoire of services. He has a fleet of ten different service vans and three trucks with professional carpeting cleaning equipment attached. He has fifteen employees and his company is still growing. About a year ago, he asked me to handle all of his bookkeeping and the taxes.  This has taken a lot of work off his shoulders. From what I am seeing, his business is actually making money and he is quite successful. I am glad to be a part of my brother’s company and I hope he continues to grow.