I’m Having a Dehumidifier Fixed up to My Furnace

I had our oil furnace substituted last year, as well as it’s been working beautifully! My aged oil furnace used to run all afternoon, only to heat our lake apartment 10 degrees cooler than I programmed on the thermostat, and as you can imagine, our utility bills were outrageous, as well as I grew fatigued of paying such an obscene amount of money to barely heat our home, then instead of throwing away money to the utility corporation, I decided to invest in a modern oil furnace! The upfront cost was a lot more than I wanted to pay, however the HVAC business said it would last at least 15 years.

If I decided to move out of this apartment before then, the substituted oil furnace would at least add value to the house. Although our modern oil furnace has been working beautifully, I’ve been having complications with the air quality. In this region, there is a lot of humidity during the winter, which makes everything feel cooler. I purchased a small dehumidifier for our dining room, however I have to empty it almost everyday. I need something more practical. My HVAC business proposed that I link a dehumidifier to our oil furnace, which would eliminate all the extra moisture from the apartment while our oil furnace was running. I wouldn’t need to use any portable dehumidifiers anymore, because the 1 linked to the oil furnace would take care of it. The HVAC business also said this would lower our utility bills even more, because our lake apartment would feel warmer without the moisture in the air. I can’t wait to have the dehumidfier installed!

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