I’m not a fan of summer

I may be in the minority here, however I absolutely don’t care for Summer! I liked it when I was a child of course because it meant no school for 3 months, however but as an adult I absolutely can not stand it! I don’t care for sizzling weather, as well as I entirely don’t care for the fact that where I live gets to be up to 1 hundred as well as numerous degrees outside, and heat makes me know lousy all the time, as well as it gets to me badly, also, because I have to run my central air conditioner method all the time in the Summer because of this, it causes unquestionably high electric bills, and there is just no way around this, but i have tried running portable air conditioner units to try to save cash as well as they are just not powerful enough to go against the entirely exhausting heat that is in the area in which I live in! If I could run portable air conditioner units as well as have success with them, I am sure I could save a lot of cash on my electric bills prefer other people do this time of the year in other places in the world. If it would only just be Fall all year round I would be unquestionably happy. That is the perfect temperature for me, and not too hot, not too cold, as well as everything is just right. Although I would take Wintertide any day over Summer, even though it sometimes gets entirely cold as well as I have to crank the central furnace. It still is not even half as terrible as dealing with the super sizzling heat I have in this area! I wish Summer would just go!

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