I’m not a hoarder, except when it comes to air filters

Last year, I found out that the company that makes the best kind of air filters in the world was going out of business.

I nearly flipped my lid.

I have been using the same old kind of air filter in my HVAC system ever since I moved into this house almost forty years ago. Do you know how many air filters you go through in forty years? A whole lot of them! But my HVAC system has held up like you wouldn’t believe. I think that my furnace and A/C system have lasted as long as they have because of that certain type of air filter that I’ve always used. Well, now, the company has gone under and it’s a really good thing that I’m someone who doesn’t mind planning ahead. That’s because now that I can’t really buy my air filters anywhere anymore, I have decided to plan ahead and buy all the air filters that I can before it’s too late. I found out that the company where they make the air filters was having a huge clearance sale in their warehouse and so I wanted to buy all the air filters that they had. I went to their first sale and cleaned out all of the air filters that they had available. One of the guys who was working the warehouse sale told me that they were going to be bringing even more stuff out from their storage facility and that I should come back in a few days. I loaded up the air filters in the back of my truck and started stockpiling them into my basement. After I get the rest of them, I will officially be a hoarder of air filters!

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