I’m not sure if this was a fortunate coincidence

I’ve always been hesitant about flying on planes.

When my buddies from across the country said they wanted myself and others to come out to visit, I thought I would drive. Then they gave to pay for my plane ticket. I told them they didn’t have to do that and said I would buy my own plane ticket. I was getting ready to go for the visit, but then there was an issue with my HVAC system. I didn’t want to leave my house separate from being able to run the air conditioning on minimal settings. If you don’t use your HVAC in the Summer weeks, you can have humid air get into your house and it puts you at risk of mildew and mold growth. I really called my friends and said I would have to delay my trip a little bit. They seemed to be disappointed about this, but I figured that taking care of my HVAC was more pressing. When I was having an HVAC specialist out to my house to repair my cooling system, I got a call from my friends. They wanted myself and others to guess that they just heard that the plane I was supposed to be on had crashed and everybody on board died. When they told myself and others this, I was in shock. I already had a fear of flying on planes, but it easily shocked myself and others that I could have died. It was only because my HVAC system had problems that I was able to live. I really wonder if that was just a fortunate coincidence for me, or was somebody seeing out for myself and others from above.

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