I’m not sure what the heck is going on

I never had a serious problem with my furnace until this last week; In the last week, I have had some of the most bizzare problems with my furnace, but the greatest frustration that I have had with my furnace is that it turns off randomly for no reason.

  • I observed it the first time in the middle of a chilly Wintertide evening.

It woke up from sleep at 2 in the day, plus when I breathed in the night air, it felt cold. It didn’t take long for me to get out of my bed plus ran to the thermostat to see what temperature the house was at, then at first, I thought that I had run out of natural gas for my furnace, but when I diagnosed outside, I realized that it had nothing to do with my gas. I went back to the thermostat plus tried turning the furnace off plus back on, and the furnace turned on instantly and then started warming up the house. That was the start of my concerns with the furnace. A month later, in the middle of the night, my furnace did the exact same thing. It stopped actually working, plus I had to turn the furnace back on to warm up my house finally. After this, the problem began escalating This week, my furnace has shut off two or three times each day. I called the HVAC specialist because this is not a problem that someone can ignore. When the HVAC specialist did the inspection, he discovered that it was a super simple problem, plus the HVAC specialist fixed it for next to no fee.


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