I’m only eighteen. What do I know about HVAC?

My uncle was kind enough to give me his condo when he moved out west.

  • He had the condo paid off, but he didn’t want to sell it for less than what he had put into it.

The condo was within walking distance to the college I was going to and it was perfect. My mom was overjoyed with the offer my uncle was making to me. All I had to do was pay the bills and do the upkeep and it was mine free and clear. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was until the thermostat broke. I didn’t know anything about HVAC and I didn’t even know it was the thermostat until I started doing some research. I did know how to use the computer which gave me the ability to look up the problem I was having with the HVAC system. I checked into the thermostat and whether I could fix the thermostat or if I had to buy a new one. I called the HVAC company that was on the card my uncle had given me. When I talked to the HVAC technician, I wanted to get some information about the equipment and the thermostat. He was quick to answer my questions until I asked him how I could repair the thermostat or HVAC system, whichever was my problem. He told me that due to liability reasons, he could not instruct me on how to repair any part of my HVAC system, including the thermostat. He would be willing to come to the condo and do the repairs for me, but it would also cancel the warranty of the HVAC equipment if I were to do the job myself.

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