I’m slowly readying myself for spending winter up north this year

Although I’m originally from the northeast, I moved to the south for college and stayed here after landing a great job following graduation.

  • I tried to visit my folks as much as often, but at most I could only be away for a few weeks out of the year.

Some years I flew out for Thanksgiving and part of my winter vacation, and others I traveled back up north in the summer only. Soon I became accustomed to the effortless and relaxing summer trips up north at my parents house, and avoided the winter weather to an increasing extent as I got older. Out of the blue, my father asked if I could come up for a month to help them get their house ready to sell. When I started working remotely for my company, I gained a considerable degree of freedom now that I could do my job from literally anywhere with electricity and WiFi. Of course, I immediately agreed to my father’s request but knew right away that I would have issues with the cold weather. I would have to go out and buy a few sweaters and a brand new coat, perhaps even a pair of snow boots. What I didn’t realize was that my parents had upgraded their heating system to a radiant gas boiler. This meant no more heat loss in the attic through the old metal ductwork. To my surprise, my parents’ house was more than warm for my entire stay. If I am ever forced to move back up here for any reason, I’m going to install a gas boiler right away. Hydronic radiant heat is one of the most efficient and effective indoor heat sources available.



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