I'm surprised by how long it took to install my air conditioner

A few years ago, I started renting a condominium with two bedrooms and a gorgeous view of the surrounding area.

There is a beautiful stand of trees and a pond where ducks are always swimming.

I also appreciate the fact that I live at the very top floor, so that there’s no noise above me. It’s been my custom at the end of each day to sit on the front balcony and watch the sunset through the trees. Living in the condo has been wonderful, but there was one consistent annoyance. The air conditioner always seemed to be faulty. The landlord would always send an HVAC technician out to repair it over and over again instead of simply replacing it. Then one day, he finally relented and decided it was time to replace the air conditioner. He sent out an HVAC technician, and I took that day off from work so that I could let him into my place so that he can do the installation. The HVAC technician told me that it would only take 4 hours to complete the air conditioner installation. I was quite surprised, but he explained that because my ductwork was in good shape, the only thing that would need to be replaced was the air conditioner unit itself, and that would save on time. The heating and air conditioning technician’s estimate was right on point, and he was finished within 4 hours. I’m really glad it didn’t take longer than that, and I’m glad that my ductwork was fine.
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