Improving my healthy

I spent over a full year planning my wedding. I was surprised how much time and effort it was to plan for all of the details. There were a lot of different things to coordinate. From deciding on the venue and choosing a photographer, florist and style of invitations, I was hoping to make everything perfect. I was also dedicated to looking my best. Not long after my boyfriend proposed, I started hunting for a wedding dress. I put on all the various styles of gowns, posed in front of the mirror and was unhappy with myself. I saw that I’d added a lot of weight and definitely put work responsibilities ahead of my own well-being. Instead of taking the time to be active every day, I was worrying over deadlines, household needs, bills and less important tasks. I’d gained weight, become soft and let my health deteriorate. I knew it was time to make some improvements to my schedule. I paid for a gym membership, signed up for a group fitness class and arranged to meet with a personal trainer. I understood that I needed a professional to help and hold me accountable. I worked out with the personal trainer several days during the week and joined a pilates class every Saturday morning. The trainer and I determined personalized goals, designed out a customized meal plan and concentrated on a whole-body improvement. He set up the training sessions to include strength training and high-intensity cardio. He led me through exercises that included lifting weights, jumping rope, squatting, lunging and trying out everything from battle ropes to resistance bands. The training sessions were extremely tough but also very fulfilling. By the day of the wedding, I was in peak physical shape and feeling really good about myself. Since my wedding, I’ve continued my training and have become much stronger, healthier and happier.
Nutritional Counseling