In no way, I am a handyman

I still remember years ago, when I met my wife’s parents for the very first time, it was an awful experience.

Thankfully, we all are on great terms now, as we have come to know each other better over time.

However, to be honest, I don’t believe we could have started any worse. My inlaws are very old school and the category of people who’d not be in touch with anyone very different from them. However, me being a city guy who knew nothing about country living, I feel they won’t like me too much. When I visited them for the first time, my father-in-law asked me if I could help him repair the HVAC unit in the garage, that was giving him problems. I told him that would be no problem, however, once we started working AC, my lack of knowledge was getting very evident. My wife gave me a look before I got up to go help, which meant how badly she didn’t want me to get embarrassed, but I took the chance to impress her dad. I was bombarded with questions, which only an expert would know. After a ton of questions, my wife rescued me from her father. Since then things got weird with my inlaws, but I hope he can look beyond my HVAC skills and give me a chance at this.


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